“Whether you sniff it smoke it eat it or shove it up your ass the result is the same: addiction.” ― William S. Burroughs

I'm going to write about my current addiction here, this goddamned game called fallout 4.  Not that I wanted to write about this nonsense but It has been occupying a large swath of my time (much like I knew it would: Thanks Alan :P). Perhaps this post will provide a lengthy explanation for my current addiction.

I realise that what this actually boils down to is PUSHING BITS OF LIGHT AROUND IN AN IMAGINARY WORLD. The term I think is: Fruitless endeavor.  I get that. However, I will attempt to justify this activity to hopefully regain merit for this behavior.

As with all my other posts, I put this shit live and will be updating as I goddamn feel like it. Spell check and grammar correction TK (possibly). Oh and of course the point to this post...well I'll get to that.

Heres what I have been up to re:


Fans of this game will know what I'm on about, for those who aren't familiar with these types of games (minecraft, skyrim, second life...etc)...I'll give a explanation on these later, or maybe I wont. Who knows..."as is my want". 

Draft: (BTW...I know this is live...this is my thought process)

Addiction comes in many forms. Is this an addiction? Am I talking about the whole notion of videogames as an addiction? No. That ground has been covered pretty extensively with no real answers. If there was; you can bet your ass the powers that be would have slapped a schedule c (or whatever it is they call "dangerous" pharmaceuticals) on it.

What I am talking about here is a very specific subset of the videogame genre. Namely "player home" construction.  This is where the player can fabricate a unique home or base station from which to play an open world type of game.  Few games do this really well. Fallout 4, IMHO does this with great aplomb. Its not perfect - with its glitches, long load times and learning curve.  However having a unique and simple construction set and play mechanics - this game is the best of breed so far. The sheer numbers of players, subscribers on youtube watching other players build things, and the large community of twitch videos and mod content(where clever players have built expansions/new content) has me convinced that this is a new and distinct type of gaming experience.

The fact that this game can be experienced and configured  completely differently by each player is not new. The level of community engagement and player created content is, to me reminiscent of the half-life community just before STEAM was introduced. 

Why am I talking about this on my blog instead of submitting this to the bethesda(makers of Fallout 4) forum site or IGN? 

Because whether you believe this or not - this is art. 

I'll explain more later, or grab me an demand I explain myself. Oops gotta go, expand on this later...or not.