Oh, so you want one of these painted things, huh? Commissioned? Look... prints are easy I can get those to you, not a problem. 

Whoa, now you want a robot painting? I'm pretty selective when it comes to comission work, if you ask me for a movie scene I will not sit through (i.e. Pretty in Pink, Hunger Games, some Narnia shit- save your breath - been asked...WON'T do it, sorry bub*).

I'll be setting up a pricing schedule after Comic Con. (Seriously I hate it when there are no prices for shit on artist websites...like what am I supposed to do GUESS?) Oops, looks like I did for a while, um yup. In anycase:

Commissions only! Damn got no more time...I only do a limited run per year and only if I like the screencaps you send me (see above*). I'm good with comic book characters I pretty much love all of them.

Sorry all tier 3 packages are sold out for this year! Good news for me, not so great for you and your immediate robot painting concerns. Hey there's always NEXT year, right?

To reach me...so simple: in the summer/fall I'm usually rolling round Newark, Dumont or Upstate NY on my bike (I'm the one wearing the vanson manx jacket).  Just flag me down and we'll grab a brew and discuss.

Not in that area? Fine... then just use the email (gilosan@gmail.com).  No promises on when/if I'll get back to you.

Got that, great. Laters.